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BUCS Team Training Times and Venues

Team Training Programmes

For this new academic year we have formed a new partnership with Billesley Tennis Centre so Sunday training (and some BUCS matches) will take place there.

Please find our new training times for 2021/22:

BUCS Women's Programme (timings dependent on team):

Tuesday 6-7:30pm - Squad Session (Bournbrook courts)

Wednesday pm - BUCS Matches 

Thursday 7pm-8pm - S&C Session (Bournbrook courts)

Sunday 3pm-8pm- Technical Work and Point-Based Drills Session (Billesley Tennis Centre)

BUCS Men's Programme (timings dependent on team):

Tuesday 7:30pm-9pm - Squad Session (Bournbrook courts)

Wednesday pm - BUCS Matches 

Thursday 8pm-9pm - S&C Session (Bournbrook courts)

Sunday 3pm-8pm - Technical Work and Point-based Drills Session (Billesley Tennis Centre)


Venue: Bournebrook Tennis Courts

Located on the University Campus, the Bournebrook tennis courts are used for:

  • Tuesday's training

  • Thursday's training

  • Men's 2 & 3s home matches

  • Women's 2s home matches

These hard courts are usable in all weather, and always guarantee a large gathering of support for matches due to their location on campus.  

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Venue: Billesley Tennis Centre

Billesley Tennis Centre indoor courts are indoor acrylic, and are used for:

  • Sunday's training

  • Men's 1s home matches

  • Women's 1s home matches

This indoor centre is the perfect location to host important matches, with a large viewing gallery for supporters. 


Venue: Sport & Fitness

Gym and fitness facilities at the University are extensive, and players are encouraged to utilise these facilities alongside team training sessions in order to maximise performance. Gym classes such as yoga and spinning are available as part of team membership, as well as free physio consultations for those who may need it.