Training times

Performance and Development players are able to train up to two hours a week on the university courts.

Competitve structures also exist so that, during their hitting sessions, players have the opportunity to play matches with a purpose if they wish to. For example, termly singles and doubles ladders will be implemented at the start of the term. 


Development and Performance Squads

Squad timings for those in our Development and Performance Programme

Training Times


6-7pm Performance 2 (coached)

7-8pm Performance 1 boys (coached)

8-9pm Performance 1 girls (coached)


6-7 Development (coached)


6-7pm Performance 3 (coached)

7-8pm Performance 4 (coached)


6-7pm Development (coached)

7-8pm Performance 5 (coached)

8-9pm Performance 4 (matchplay)


2-3pm Performance 1 boys (matchplay)

3-4pm Performance 1 girls (matchplay)

4-5pm Performance 2 (matchplay)

5-6pm Performance 3 (matchplay)

6-7pm Performance 5 (matchplay)